It is important to understand that to facilitate and ensure acceptance as a patient of Hospis Malaysia, a referral is made by a specialist or a family doctor. Such referrals ensure that all relevant medical information about the patient is available to the palliative care team. 

You may download your form HERE

Referral forms are also available at our office. Kindly contact Hospis Malaysia at +603-91333 936 for assistance.

What Happens Next When a Referral Is Accepted ?

Once a patient is accepted, a palliative care nurse will be assigned to manage the day-to-day care of the patient. The patient and family are visited, assessed and are provided with an explanation of their respective roles.

Areas of concerns and a plan of management is formulated. Frequent reviews of the cases are also conducted. Frequency of visits to each patient will be decided by the assigned nurse in accordance with the needs of each patient and his/her family.

Other healthcare professionals such as our palliative doctors, clinical pharmacist, occupational therapist and designated volunteers may also be involved in the care of the patient.

We provide a 24-hour on call service for our patients. Out-of-hours calls will be dealt with by an on-call palliative care nurse. Upon death of a patient, a nurse will conduct bereavement visits. Once a case is closed, a discharge summary will be sent to the respective referring doctor.