Donate a Brick - Share the Care

As you enter the lobby to Hospis Malaysia, you will notice a striking wall feature to your right: a wall of illustrated bricks. The wall is made of brick-sized spaces into which colourful glazed clay tiles or “bricks” have been inserted.

ach brick is unique, with a different inscription or illustration etched into it: some have names; others messages or some just drawings. The messages are in a variety of languages.  

These bricks have been 
made by a person who has made a donation to Hospis Malaysia as part of the organisation’s “Donate a Brick” project. Individuals who donated to this project range from those who have personal experience of the work of Hospis Malaysia to those who respect its work and simply wish to support it. 

With a minimum donation of RM1000, you are entitled to ONE personalised clay brick that will fit into one slot. The donation will be channeled towards further developing our services as a leading provider for professional palliative care services in the country. All donations towards this project are tax exempt. 

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The Brick Illustrating Activity

To illustrate a brick, donors will be given a  damp clay template.
It is a good idea to work out your design before you start, but remember to keep it simple.

With a sharp instrument such as the end of a pencil, anyone can illustrate their desired design on the clay template. The clay is firm so some pressure is needed but it is not difficult.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge designing their bricks

If you wish to write a message, we request that the words be words of hope and inspiration in line with the ethos of hospice care such as: "Live Well", "In Everything Give Thanks", "Hope and Peace".

Once finished with the design, it will then be sent to be glazed and fired before it is mounted into the brick wall.   

A close-up of a completed brick by Duchess Kate (L) and Duke William (R)