Reach out and be our PARTNERS IN CARING

In today’s competitive business environment, it is becoming increasingly important for Malaysian corporate companies to secure a place in their consumers' hearts. A partnership with Hospis Malaysia will offer genuine marketing and public relation opportunities to ensure your customers recognise your commitment to the local community. The services we provide directly benefit the local community who make up your staff, your customers, their friends and families – the people you rely on most to make your business a success. There are a number of ways we can work in partnership with you to help our patients, to help you reach out to your consumers, as well as enable you to benefit from tax relief.

Charitable Donations

Businesses can make charitable donations to Hospis Malaysia as and when they wish, and will be duly given a tax exempt receipt. Click here for ways to donate to us.

Charity of the Year

You may nominate Hospis Malaysia as the beneficiary of all fundraising activities over the course of the year. The length of support will have a great impact on the amount of money you raise and will encourage ownership of the cause with your staff and customers. Events will give plenty of public relations opportunities to reinforce your commitment to the local community. If you wish to receive further information to help you make a decision, call us at +603-9133 3936 and speak to anyone in the Communications Department.

Create an Event

You could organise an event, big or small, involving your staff, customers, clients or even the general public. It can be any type of event - a Charity Bowling Day with invitation to your clients to participate, a staff football tournament, a fun ‘Charity Bazaar’ for staff, family and friends, or a staff challenge day to encourage team building and fundraising.

Join our Events

If you do not have the time to organise an event of your own, you could always get your company involved in one of our fundraising events or bring together some teams for a bit of friendly fun in the name of charity. Click here for the list of our upcoming events.