Staff and Management
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Working at a hospice requires commitment, mental strength, and a genuine appreciation of the virtue of “care with compassion”. The service of caring for patients who require end-of life care demands a great deal out of one’s energies and emotions. As such, the criteria by which our staff are selected include a combination of the following - sound experience, impeccable professional skills, level-headed maturity, and a well-grounded passion and determination to excel in the field of palliative care

Hospis Malaysia comprises four core departments – (1) Clinical, (2) Education, Training & Research, (3) Communications & Fundraising, and (4) Finance & Administration. The clinical team comprises of doctors, nurses, a pharmacist, and an occupational therapist who work closely with a core group of volunteers to define patient-centred goals of care and work towards providing the best possible care and treatment for these patients and their families. The team is closely supervised by the Medical Director. The management of Hospis Malaysia strongly encourages the growth and development of its clinical staff, and as such they are constantly exposed to training and dialogue sessions.

Education, training and research is an increasingly important area for Hospis Malaysia. With the solid work that its clinical team does in patient services, and the continuous sharing of best practices which its clinical team enjoys with its international colleagues through the Asia Pacific Hospice & Palliative Care Network (APHN) and other international palliative care organisations, Hospis Malaysia is recognized as a leading education and training provider for palliative care in the country. The entire clinical team works closely with facilitators from across the world who are experts in their own fields to train and teach healthcare professionals in the country and around the region.

The Communications & Fundraising team works to ensure a steady inflow of funds. This team is primarily responsible for the organisation of fundraising events, and the publication and circulation of literature on Hospis Malaysia and of palliative care in general. While fundraising is a large part of the team’s responsibilities, it also plays an active role in creating awareness about palliative care among the public and the corporate sector through its many events and publications of its regular newsletter, Berita Hospis, and continuous media engagement.

The Finance & Administration team handles the monetary aspects of the organisation, thus ensuring that funds sourced are aptly managed as is closely supervised by the General Manager, who in turn is accountable to the Finance & Administration Sub-Committee of the Council. This team also works closely with the General Manager to look after the IT, human resource and other administrative needs of the organisation.

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Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Ednin Hamzah

Dr Sylvia Ann McCarthy

Medical Director
Dr. Sylvia McCarthy


General Manager
Tham Su Ming



Palliative Care Doctors

Palliative Care Doctor - Paediatric Palliative Care
Dr. Chong Lee Ai


Palliative Care Doctor
Dr. Lim Zee Nee


Palliative Care Nurses


Ong Siew Choo

Emily Yap

Rachel Anthony


Wong Huey Ting

June Thow

Christine Low

Apple Lee 

Pam Ho

A. Pooleen



Lilien Chen 


Lee Wai Keey


Nurul Nadiah

Yvonne Choong



Aidah Abdul Hassan Chin

Occupational Therapist


Raymond Toe


Patient Care Services Support

Patient Care Services Manager &
Volunteer Coordinator

Yap Wai Mun


Communications Manager

Dennis Yap

Advocacy & Media Relations
Rini Vella


Events & Fundraising
Caroline Christopher



Finance Manager
Yap Wai Ming

Hung Mei Ling


Belinda Lim


Administration Assistant
Yusri Yusof